Pleasant Spirodex Supprise

  1. Pleasant Spirodex Supprise

    So my Gaspari that i just recieved had 75 caps instead of 60...nice.
    Still us europeans are paying big money compeared to US guys..was something like 65 $ total!!

  2. hows the energy and general feeling while on it?

  3. not tried it yet...appetite suppression is what im looking for with this one.
    everything is hectic with work and family now so im not sure when i get to start.

  4. Im curious about the 2 new releases from gaspari ( fat burner wise). It sounds really close to what recreate and oxy elite pro did for me, and both worked extremely well for me.

  5. Did you try it yet, I am interested in how it is!
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  6. who doesn't like finding a few extra caps.


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