Doggcrapp protein

  1. Doggcrapp protein

    Does anyone now the addy for his site? IA say the his protein rocks and I want to look into it.


  2. Thanks RL.

  3. Good stuff. CHeapest blends out there and has worked great on everything Ive tried.
    Although its not as sweet as BSL.

  4. Do you know if it mixes as well as necter?

  5. Depends on what type you get. I have not gotten straight whey iso...but I bet it mixes as well, as I know a few people who use his and are very picky about that kind of thing (and have never mentioned any complaints). I am using a night time mix, chocolate splenda flavored with something like
    1/3 whey conc.
    1/3 calc cas
    1/3 milk

    similar to that. and I add some inulin from BSL.

  6. How is that going for you? The taste and mixability?

  7. I usually mix it with my cottage cheese (yes Im weird but it tastes damn good), and so I like it thick. But mixability is fine, although a spoon won't cut it. Taste is a nice rich chocolatey flavor, but does have a bit of the milk/caseinate aftertaste. Not as sweet as BSL but taste more chocolately IMO.


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