carnitine tartarate vs. L-Carnitine

  1. carnitine tartarate vs. L-Carnitine

    What is the real difference between the two? I actually have both so could i do like a little of both to save on the LCLT because that is more expensive and it is supposed to be better.... also when woudl be the best tims to take it? Ive read with breakfast and post W/O

  2. Tartarate is supposed to activate testosterone receptors. Whether that is something that carnitine already dose is unknown though, so to answer your question, no one knows.

  3. damn.... lol i guess ill do alil of each then.... is breakfast and post w/o good think? and how much dosing wise?

  4. Im not the ultimate carnitine expert, but Ill give you a bump since I think their are a lot of carnitine fans on this site who could help you.

  5. yea, it seems to be a good supplement and im really tryin to get m info on it

  6. Well, if your looking for dosages, you could probably find that useing the search engine in the upper right corner.


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