No Thyroid

  1. No Thyroid

    Hi all. I was just looking at some Fat Burning/ Cutting supps that were recommended to me by friends. The problem is, I'm not sure if they will have negative effects on me, because I have no thyroid or para thyroid. I am on synthetic hormones for that.

    Upon reading the ingredients and benefits of Alpha T2, and Oxyelite Pro... It seems both supplements have compounds that directly effect the thyroid gland's natural functions. Since I don't have a thyroid, will the compounds, meant for thyroid stimulation, have any detrimental effects on me, or will they just be converted to waste product?

  2. im on levoxyl 75mcg....and eat stims like candy.

    ECA stack
    Stim x

    not saying its totally good for me, but ive been doin this for 5 yrs with no problems or weight gain.

  3. If you are on synthetic hormones to regulate thyroidal levels, I would not bother stacking a fat burner known to do the same. I think your meds, either synthroid or cytomel will over power it.

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

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