Just tried ISO-OLOGY sample by TruNutrition

  1. Just tried ISO-OLOGY sample by TruNutrition

    I received my Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup sample today and here is my opinion.

    5 grams Leucine
    8.2 Total BCAAs
    100 mg Enzymes
    No lactose No Sodium added

    This product mixed very easy.
    Flavor is such a personal preference so it is hard to go by my opinion but I liked the taste and I took it post workout. I also have Trutein Peanut Butter and this product isn't as sweet in comparison to it. I would buy this product if priced reasonably. I am 40 years old and been around the block when it comes to supplements. When I like a protein powder I will stay with it for a while and so far TruNutrition has been my choice for now because I am enjoying Trutein. I just received their Whey Isolate and will try it Tuesday.

    Once again, this is just my two cents.

  2. Hey Mike,
    Glad you liked the sample.

    We ramped up the PB flavor in the Isology, and made it less sweet (primarily, because most of the customer feedback suggesting improvements have suggested those 2 very things). One of the big things about ISOology is it has 5g Leucine per scoop, which is about twice as much as almost any other whey out there for maximum anabolic potential from the mTOR cascade.

    Leucine is a pain to flavor, lemme tell you, because it tastes so bad. But it's completely unnoticeable in ISOology (and its more economical cousin Wheyology), although you can see the Leucine in the dry powder.

    Anyway, thanks for the review.

  3. I was very curious to see how it was going to taste because of the 5grams of Leucine and you guys did a good job on flavoring the product. I just had my first serving of the whey isolate today and once again I am happy with the product. So far I am liking the three products I have tried!

  4. just started using trutein and love it....i am very interested in trying the isolate....are there any plans to release any other flavors besides choc or vanilla....think ill order couple samples

  5. just got my samples, where and when will the iso-ology be available and what pricees and sizes.......cant wait



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