super cissus or bulk super cissus from nutra????

  1. super cissus or bulk super cissus from nutra????

    hi, my right elbow feels like its briuesd from lifting heavy (4-6) reps and was wondering if the the products above give similar results and off course the bulk version from nutra is cheaper....? btw i dont feel the pain when im lifting, but when i touch it, the bone feels like a "bruised" pain..

  2. this is how my tendonitis started

    honestly, get the caps! the bulk powder is hard to get down, you'll think the caps are worth it after a couple doses of bulk (unless you have a capping kit at home). I swear by cissus though, it's a staple in my supp cabinet.

    also, up your dosage of fish oil until the inflamation goes down.
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  3. I cap my own cissus...but I'm very thrifty
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by stxnas View Post
    I cap my own cissus...but I'm very thrifty
    I was being extra thrifty for a while and was parachuting all my supps in bulk form...some things were almost unbearable though!

    while cissus was not the nastiest, it was not pleasant.
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  5. no tastes TOO BAD i down one gram with foods

  6. I use bulk super cissus. Stuff is awesome!

  7. Nut up and gun down the bulk powder. After a while you get used to it and it won't bother you so much. However, the first few times you may feel like gagging or possibly even running to the bathroom to blow chunks.

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