Brand new here, help me out!

  1. Brand new here, help me out!

    Hey everyone...first post on here. For a long time i have been a powerlifter/strongman type guy but finally at 30 years old i am feeling the effects. I have never been much for supplement's, just a multivitamin and the occasional protein shake. I was a 1700lb club guy basically by eating a lot and lifting heavy with low reps. I am losing weight now and because i have cut out a lot of food i am supplementing a little more. I now take a Multi-vitamin, calcium, Flaxseed oil and B-12.

    I just purchased Erase and Titanium because of the killer sale (and to help counter my ever increasing age!) and Jacked3D because several friends recommended it.

    My question is how should i split up my timing on these supplements? (Any other recommendations are welcome.)

  2. no help fellas? can i take all of these at the same time or would i be better served taking them at certain times of the day?

  3. How much do you weigh?

    I am guessing over 200lbs, so here you go:

    Morning: 2 capsules Erase, 1 Capsule Titanium

    Evening: 1 Capsule Erase

    Pre Workout: 2 scoops jack3d

    Sound good?
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