v12,swole, metabolic pump by mrm ?

  1. v12,swole, metabolic pump by mrm ?

    i personaly dont have a clue on which product to get v12, swole creatin something, or this new metabolic pump or[junk ]? can i please get some kind of feedback from people. i want a cell volumizer,vasodilator,recovery energy type product. or some recomendations. thanks

  2. i'd give Swole V2 a try.

    i haven't used the others you mentioned except for creatine but i just don't like the amount of carbs i need for the creatine to work properly.

    give Swole a couple of weeks to kick in as it took about 2-3 weeks before i started noticing anything. don't know why this is but a cuppla other bros have said the same thing.

    make sure to drink plenty of water.


  3. I have taken the MRM Metabolic Pump, but not the Swole. I experienced great results from the M-Pump. It has an expensive ingredient that neither Swole nor San V12 have, Citrulline Malate, which SERIOUSLY improves endurance and recovery. I was amazed at the difference it made. M-Pump is like Swole (creatine/arginine/GPA mix) PLUS SAN OX or MAN Bodyoctane.

    I've also read great things about Swole...just realize that MRM Metabolic Pump has some superior ingredients.

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