Flax lignans: are they good for males?

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    Flax lignans: are they good for males?

    A lot of web articles push high-lignan flax oil for men, claiming all sorts of benefits. But the lignan is apparently also a phytoestrogen. Brink doesn't like:

    Flax Oil: Should Men Avoid It?

    This site recommends flax oil with lignans for men:

    Lignans: Benefits For Both Men and Women as Antioxidant, Phytoestrogen | Health Library

    (Of course, another option is to chuck flax oil altogether and just dose up on Sesamin and fish oil!)

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    A lot of coaches use flax hulls for estrogen detoxification. They are much more expensive than regular flaxseed.

    Flaxseed oil has a high tendency to be rancid before you even get it out of the shop!

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