AX's SlimX verses StimX

  1. AX's SlimX verses StimX

    Anyone take both - if so please elaborate on the differences

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Whacked View Post
    Anyone take both - if so please elaborate on the differences
    unfort I can't speak on the differences from personal exp due to not having twiced either but from the logs and user replies it would seem the older version kicked major ass.

  3. I figured as much

  4. I just got to try the new StimX and its off the charts. I sent a few of the caps I had to an AM member who logged it (and loved it). Here is what a few people have said about it..


    I just wanted to inform you that I increased the dosage up to 2 pills a day, once upon waking and then one 30 minutes before workout. My workout was much better and I was more focused and had an increased rep range. I just returned to school also and my attention span and ability to absorb information is exceptional. I am very focused throughout the day with the use of this supplement. I have still experienced no side effects and I am even losing some fat while I was not even attempting to. Thanks again for allowing me to be part of this testing process. I hope this information helps. I will be purchasing this item when it comes out for sale also.


    Overall experience has been great, no jitters or vervousness, no hard crash with depressed feelings of chills, no feelings of dehydration, no sleeplessness at night, able to fall asleep by 1030 pm. Best version from AX in along time, cleaner energy than ORIGINAL Stimulant X.


    1) Duration of effectiveness: Product currently lasts about 8 hrs.
    2) Scale:
    a) Appetite suppression: 5
    b) Energy : 9
    c) Mood, focus, desire to get things done: 8
    3) Side effects: Only side effect is a more sensitive gag reflex but only if taken while on an empty stomach.
    4) I was an avid user of the Anabolic Extreme product for energy and appetite suppression. After only 3 days of taking the E2 product it seems as if this is the replacement.
    I am experiencing the same results at this time

  5. Stimulant X is an awesome product, its going to be a bit different then Slim Xtreme though will provide around 8 hours of good clean energy with real good appetite suppressing effect.


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