Triazole + Activate Xtreme + Titanium

  1. Triazole + Activate Xtreme + Titanium

    First a little about myself. I am in the finance industry and have a limited time available to work out. I usually work out at lunch anywhere from 25-40 minutes. I have been consistenetly working out agian for about a year and a half. I started a year ago at a weight of about 183 lbs. I'm guessing 12-15% body fat. I started with a pushup, situp, pullup and heavy cardio routine. I dropped to around 165 lbs. Since I got back in the gym which was about 8 months ago I have focused on power/compound lifts and my strength and size have gone up tremendously.

    About 3 months ago I tried what I guess you could call my first natty test boost stack and it seemed to work fairly well. I started the stack with Powerful/ Pink magic, second month Animal Stak/Pink Magic. Right when I bought the Pink Magic I thought I had been rooked. The advertising and marketing for the product was so outlandsih that I thought there was no way it would work. However, even though the Pink Magic was not taken exclusively, something sure worked. My starting weight was aorung 173 and by the end of the 8 week cycle I was up to 186. I dropped a couple lbs after a couple weeks but stayed at about 183. I gained noticable strength increases also. When I got back in the gym after a few months I was stuck working out with 225 set of 6-8 on flat brench press. End of cycle I was doing the same amount of reps with 245-250lbs. I was running Jack3d as PWO, 200g protein/day, fishoil, AnimalPak with the stack. I was definetly eating enough to consider it a bulk, but it was definetly dirty. I also stopped all cardio for the cycle. Like I said I do not have time to have 1 1/2 hr. workouts or watch my nutrition intake constantly, but I think I got solid results from this stack. However, I have to think some of these gains were still attributed to newbie gains and muscle memory gains from my previous days lifting.

    After this stack I cycled off everything but AnimalPak, protein and fish oil. About 4 days ago I started taking Green Magnitue and ASGT. I have heard great things about ASGT so I bought 2 tubs and I am ready to give it a try! Same story with Green MAG; heard many talk the product up. Must say I do not get energy from ASGT like other PWO. However, I want to give it more time before I review it for I have heard it take several weeks to really feel benfits. It also has some antiestrogen properties that may work synergistically with the stack. I will run both of these products along with fish oil, protein and AnimalPak for the duration of the cycle.

    Now on to the good stuff.

    Even though I think Pink Magic did something for me ( definetly libido increase ), I am still skeptical and not entirely sold on the science. PM comes with a leather booklet thingy (more marketing) - and after reading it I was more confused than before I read the damn thing. I chose this stack for several reasons. One I have heard many good things about Testofen and Divanil. I knew I wanted both of these to be present in whatever stack I took. Right when I was gettiing ready to invest in a new stack DS came out with new and improved Activate Xtreme and Triazole. I mut say from what I have read the products seem to be backed by science and they have provided blood tests to back their claims which is more than most companies do. I am very excited to see how both products work together. I am extremely excited about Triazole and as great of a product as Activate Xtreme looks to be I saw that it didn't have testofen as an ingredient. Luckily for me I saw the sale at Nutra for Titanium. Looks to have a solid profile and no proprietary blends. I feel this stack will increase test levels through multiple pathways which will hopefully maximize results. I started think I wanted to take some bulk DAA with this but, hell I am proably already in overkill mode, but, why go at all if you are not going to go all out!!!!

    I started taking all three test boosting products last night. I unfortunately will not be able to do a complete log; I just do not have time. But I will update this post periodically to let everyone know how things are going.

    I think this will be beneficial to some because of my certain circumstances. One, I am 30, with 2 kids, a wife and a hectic schedule. I do not have time to work out and eat exactly like I am suppsoed to, but I do train hard when I can and I still want to find a way to maximize results. I think there are many on here like me - who do not have time to do everything right but still want to see results. Also, no offense to the young posters, but a majority of the posts on here are by guys under 22. I would say an even larger percentage of these young guys post on test boosters. These guys still have so much natural hormone pruduction going on that there is no reason to take a test booster in the first place. I think I am in the optimal age range to get noticable positive effects from this stack. I will be totally unbiased with my results. And, finally, I apologze for the long winded post.

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  3. Didn't expect to post much on this thread, but I must say today was a good day in the gym. After my last stack I cycled off all creatine products. When I started Green MAg 5 days ago I was weighing in at 183. Today I weighed in at 191 lbs at the gym. So the Green MAG has definetly put on some water weight. Today was I beleive the first day the Green MAG really started to kick in at the gym. Didn't lift an extreme amount of weight or anything but I was not trying to either. What I did notice was my veigns were popping out everywhere and I had an incredible pump the whole workout. My biceps were literally popping out of their skin which is very strange for me on chest day. Strange thing is the water weight I have gained does not make me look bloated. Muscles look engorged and full; vascularity was crazy today. Maybe some of it is the ASGT starting to ramp up my workouts as well. Took normal dosing of Activate Extreme/Triazole/Titanium. I think these three along with ASGT and Green Mag are going to make quite a potent stack. Stay tuned.....

  4. Great thread, I was tempted to order Titanium as well. I ordered the Lean+triazole+activate stack, might log that when it arrives.

    Have you ever run any type of AAS cycles? Just thought I'd ask in case anyone else is wondering the same thing.

    Subbed, any before pics?

  5. As far as cycles; once about ten years go. It was a short cycle (5 weeks).

    As far as before pics; my wife already gives me a heard enough time as it is. No way I am going to live down posting pics of myself to a bunch of dudes on the internet. Do not get me wrong, I am not downing the practice and I think it is very helpful and needed for logs to help follow one's progress. Still, even though I know the reason and practicality for taking and posting pics, it would still be far to easy for my wife to dog my $%s for the rest of my life.

  6. Are you running a log in this thread or do you have a separate log thread? Sub'd!

  7. subbed
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  8. Bamadog, no I am not doing a log on the stack. However I will try to update this thread as often as possible. By the way you guys had alot to be happy about this past weekend.

    I am a life long Auburn fan so here's to a good Iron Bowl this year.

    Not a whole lot to report today. I was sore after Friday's workout so I took easy and watched some SEC football on Saturday.

    On my last stack I did not do any cardio. One, I was trying to add some mass. Secondly, I like to do my cardio in the form of running outside. And running outside in Alabama in the summer time needless to say sucks. Temperature is perfect now outside, so I ran right under 2 miles yesterday. My course I run consits of a pretty steep hill that inclines for over a mile. So the run is pretty intense. The extra weitght I put on from the last stack prevented me from running to far but I will pick it up over the next few weeks.

    Hit the gym today with my usual 30 minute lunch time workout. Great workout today. Stuck to my normal weight on clean and presses but it felt easier than in the past. No real noticable affects yet, but my first whole day to start using the products was Friday. So I haven't been expecting much yet.

    I will update later in the week.

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  10. UPDATE:
    Sorry I have not updated in few days. First things first; a little on Titanium. This stuff has the funkiest smell. It is a sweet smell but not in a good way. I can even taste it in the pill going down. When you open the bottle it is almost too much! Maybe the fenugreek extrract? The first week of taking my stack my stomach was a little upset. Throw in the fact that I just started taking ASGT and Green MAG as well and what should I expect, huh. Well the stomach issue has subsided now.

    On to results so far. Last week I did a tri/bi workout and it was insane. Not sure if the pumps in my arms have ever been so big. I kept catching myself look in the mirror and arms just looked crazy with intense vascularity. Pumps seemed to last the rest of the day through work. On Saturday before College Football began I did a dead lift work out at the house. Worked out with 325 reps of 5 but did a ton of sets; really wanted to burn it. I know this may not sound like much, but I only started doing dead lifts for the first time about 6 months ago (pretty stupid considering they are the best if not one of the best exercises out there). This was the most weight I have ever dead lifted so hit a PR on Saturday!!! Back was a little sore today but I still wanted to get a little chest workout in. Got to the gym today and decided, what the hell let's push things a little. On flat bench started with a set of 245, it felt to easy. I do not have a partner and never want to push things too hard so this is as high as I have ever worked out on bench. So I found a spot and 255 for the next set. Was easier than I thought it would be. So went up to 265; I hit four reps without any assistance and decided to stop there. So new PR today as well!!!! Did not have long today so finished up with decline; did sets @ 245 could have gone a lot higher but no spot and incline dumbbells @ 85. Man it felt good; I felt like King Kong with a 10' foot erection. Needless to say something is working. Besides the increased strength can notice a difference in the mirror as well. Weight has stayed relatively the same; between 185-190. However, i have been on what I would call a dirty bulk so abs were not as defined as normal over last couple of months. That has changed in the last week or so. Definitely see more definition especially in my stomach. Some of that has to do with focusing on my stomach workouts a little more but I think the supplementation is adding to this. I would say the starting back of cardio too, but I have really not got that going yet. I have only run two times in last week and a half. I realize I have started up so many things at once this thread will not help too many. But hey if you are looking for an incredible stack I would recommend exactly what I am doing. Hope to have more great updates soon.

  11. Really great update!!!!

    This stacks seems to be pretty awesome, has all great test boosting effects, would be very curious to see how this stack + PhytoSerms347 would do would be all the best natural test boosting ingredients lol

    So what day are you on now?
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  12. 12 days now.

  13. Good to see you enjoying this!
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