Dymatize ISO 100

  1. Dymatize ISO 100

    So they say its 100% hydrolyzed, but its by far the cheapest hydrolyzed whey, and the label just reads whey isolate, unlike optimums hydrowhey.

    Anyone have any insight into this product?

    Dymatize Iso-100 (2 lb): Discount Iso-100 Supplements

  2. I have a tub and I like it. I take 1 scoop together with 5g of creatine and 5g of BCAAs immediately before my workouts, and it seems to have a good effect on me.
    I am from Singapore and over here, the price is pretty reasonable compared to other brands of whey isolate.

  3. I've been using it as my staple isolate since about May. It's a good product.

  4. but has Aspartame?

  5. I don't really care about that part, its just i'm finding it hard to believe they are selling hydrolyzed isolate for $42/5lbs. Honestly good isolate non-hydrolyzed is more than that.



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