Best hydration method?

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    Forgive me if I am wrong as Gatorade isn't particularly popular over here but don't most of their products still contain HFCS?
    Absolutely, unequivocally not. Powerade does. Gatorade is actually a very sound formula.

  2. Are you sure? This is from the Gatorade website;

    "Does Gatorade include High Fructose Corn Syrup? Why or Why not?
    Currently, G2 does not contain HFCS, and the remaining products from The Gatorade Company will soon be following suit. We are changing the source of carbohydrate in Gatorade Thirst Quencher in 2010 to a sucrose-dextrose blend, which still serves the important functional purpose of providing energy to fuel athletesí working muscles during activity. Whatís important to note is that from a scientific efficacy standpoint nothing will change, and our research shows the taste with the sucrose-dextrose blend is actually preferred by many athletes."

    Whether the changes are implemented already or not, stock of at least some of their line is still available to buy that contains it.



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