FIna Flex 1-andro

  1. FIna Flex 1-andro

    When to start seeing results from the finaflex 1-andro?

    week 1 2 pills a day

    week 2 4 pills a day

    week 3 4 pills a day

    week 4 4 pills a day

    week 5 4 pills a day

    workout routine

    monday- back,biceps,forearms

    tuesday- chest, shoulders,traps, triceps


    thursday- back,biceps, forearms

    friday- chest, shoulders, traps, triceps

    saturday- legs

    sunday- rest

    I also take syntha 6 from bsn. 1 shake after breakfest, 1 shake after lunch, 1 shake after working out, 1 shake before bed

    Im trying to build upper mass and get big i weigh 154 skinny. Looking to get big.

  2. Age? Height? Training experience? Diet Macros?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by elgenyo View Post
    Age? Height? Training experience? Diet Macros?
    Im 5''11 weigh 154 and i have a good diet

    i consume about a gallon of water a day

    eat 6 eggs for breakfest

    have a can of tuna a day

    have a can of chicken a day

    i just consume a healthy protein diet

  4. I will assume by you dodging the age and training experience part of my question that you are under the recommended age for designer supplements and your training experience is little to none. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Nevertheless, you'll do what you want to do so...

    ...assuming you are 21 years of age and work a desk job your maintenance calories is approx 2000. Working out 5 days a week (which arguably is not ideal for putting on mass) your maintenance is 2600 (2300 if you workout 3 days a week which is what I would recommend). IMO 50/30/20 is a good macro split. As long as you lift heavy and eat above these examples you should start putting on muscle. If you're a hard gainer you may need to increase your calorie intake significantly. We're talking 3000+.

    How soon before you see improvements with the Fina? PH's and methylated orals are different with everybody but I would imagine after the second week your weight should go up 5-10lbs. However if your training is not right you may not see improvements at all and if your diet and training is not consistent you'll probably lose what you gained afterward.

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