T5 Review

  1. T5 Review

    I picked up some T5 at 1fast. I have been taking it for the last three days. Just got off two weeks of Triac and am using T5, 7-Oxo 166 mg 2 x day, Green Tea 800 Mg 2 x day, R-Ala 200 mg 3 x day, ALCAR 1000 mg 2 x day. As I tapered down from 2 tablets of Triac to 1 I noticed my body temperature was lower than taking two. My baseline body temp is usually 97.2. With the Triac was around 98.7. Using all of these substances together has put my body temperature around 98.4. Is body temperature indicative of T3 levels. BTW here is the ingredients of T5:

    Forskilin 200 mg
    Banaba Extract 50 mg
    Cayenne 30 mg
    Gugulersterone E & Z 20 mg
    Bioperine 5 mg

    This is for 2 tablets. Would anyone know why the bottle states to not take anymore than 2 tablets for more than 7 days? The directions call for 2 tablets twice a day. The warning states to no exceed 2 tablets for longer than a week? Is this a good PCT for Triac?

  2. 7 days? no idea why actually, I've never seen that recommendation before with forskolin, cayenne, gugg, or bioperine.....not sure of the banaba extract, maybe that's the basis??

  3. No,

    Couldn't be from the Banaba extract. Here is what that does.

    A potent glucose transport stimulator has been added, Banaba Extract. The active ingredient, colosolic acid, has the ability to lower blood glucose and triglycerides, the root of its documented anti-obesity activity.
    I have no idea either, that is why I was asking.

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