What to stack with a prohormone?

  1. What to stack with a prohormone?

    Hi, im pretty new to the website and was wondering if i could get a little help from some people who know more about this than i do haha anyways im 6'2" and about 170 lbs. i played college football (as reciever, hence my slim stature) for a number of years until i tore my acl. after about a year of recovery i decided to focus more on my degree than play football and since then its been an uphill battle with trying to gain some (lean) weight. i actually find the time to work out at least four days a week (ive worked out a majority of my life so this isnt new) . i switch between workouts frequently to shock my muscles into getting stronger my current workout is a little take on a natural work out. (for example yesterday was pyramid's- pull ups-1-2-3...all the way to ten and then back down to one, for a totall of 110 total pullups, and then a number of different excersises with applying that concept to them i.e. pushups etc.) i dont drink or smoke and i eat healthy (tuna, yogurt, all that niose) and ive decided to take a prohormone. ive reaearched a **** load and cant really find all that much legitimate feedback lol im thinking of taking halotest-25, or androdrol by powerlab nutrition. any other prohormone ideas and what i should stack with it would be a tremendous help thanks all.....(p.s i know i need probably liver protection, i eat the **** out of protein shakes, pre workout powders, multi's and such but any other advice would be great)

  2. Dont add another PH if this is your first time you wont need it. Id suggest adding creatine if you are looking for more strength and mass gains...there is some synergism there. Im not familiar with those brands of PH's you named.

  3. at 6'2 165 I think you have a lot you could do with just diet and a good routine before you start moving into PH.

  4. Id definately focus a lot on diet as you have a LONG ways to gain naturaly. Eat a ton and lift heavy and you should be golden!


    If you are hell bent on going with a PH id recommend checking out Primordial Performances, weve got awesome PH's and theres a sale going, everything you could ever need from the PH to the PCT is there. Great quality and awesome products.
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  5. Go with either Competitive Edge Labs or Primordial Performance. They have the best prohormone clones and prices.

  6. I'm with the crew on this one...gain naturally for as long as you can!

    invest in some creatine and a comprehensive post workout recovery shake (I like torrent).

    steak, chicken, cottage cheese, brown rice, oats, and a ton of eggs..you'll be money!
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by BrYmAsTeR17 View Post
    Go with either Competitive Edge Labs or Primordial Performance. They have the best prohormone clones and prices.
    I will have to disagree. I have had great results (some of the best) from beastdrol. Needtobuildmuscle and Mrsupps work with one another to ensure we recieve the absolute best products and they are HANDS DOWN!

    But my suggestion to the OP is to get a solid diet and need2slin. This will stack great with the PH

  8. dude i just ran those with super results and not one side bro um look up halotest 25, androdrol log on week 3 of pct all good just a little pimples

  9. Don't run anything yet you gave lots of natural potential left. Use creatine and a post workout drink
    Like aftershock or dark matter

  10. tis true but im just stating how my cycle went

  11. Im always a firm believer in adding L carnitine to cycles before or better yet, during cycles. Checkout primordial performance's gplc and arginocarn, the 2 best versions of carnitine out right now imo. Also, if your set on using ph's, I think primordial has the best. Purity, quality, reputation and the best form of delivery (liqua-vade). Alas though they are discontinuing their sweet line. Our loss but they are supposed to be coming out with some new stuff that is supposed to be pretty awesome.

  12. you gonna lose mose of your gains anyways because as I can see ( 6'2'' 165 ) your diet is lacking

    so not worth it !

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  14. For your height and bodyweight, you need to spend some months bulking. My first bulk lasted me 11 months, Was boring but worth it in the end from all the compliments I got. Never gotten so much compliments and kind words spoken to me in my entire lifetime as I did towards the end of my first bulk.

    Put some effort into your diet and hang around here in the Nutrition and bulking section and get eating bro, pack on some quality mass onto that tall frame of yours. PH's are the easy routie but if you dont train and diet properly you'll lose your hard earned gains from any prohormone you take. Not worth it yet in my opinion. Just eat hard, and train hard and use some Creapure creatine to help you gain size and strength, it'll work wonders for you im sure

  15. w.e u do dont i mean dont use androdrol..its the most potent/toxic ph out there..it might be the most toxic in the world...looking at ur stats there is no need to use a level 3 ph yet..you should do what the people have been telling you and get ur self some high qualty creatine like "cellmass" alothough it is exspensive it is well worth it.It is a alcholol bases creatine ester and it absorbs very fast into ur blood stream and u can expect a ten pound increase on ur bench the first time you use it..you can find it at gnc..halotest 25 was the second ph i ran.and i got amazing results..i had my diet in check and had everything i needed to run a perfect cycle and gained over 25 pounds on it..i used 2 bottles though and went 25/75/75/100/100.


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