How do i know what size my clenbuterols are?

  1. How do i know what size my clenbuterols are?

    Basically i ordered chinese clens, they cam, but it doesnt say what size whether they are 20mg or 40mg, is there anyway i could distinguish them?

  2. Any markings on the pills?
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  3. Pic plz

  4. Post a pic of each.

  5. Theres no marking on the pills, they're just blank, i ordered them off a friend and he said they were .40mg but i took of one on the first day and felt no effect.
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  6. There are a bizillion UG labs in the world, there is no way to tell what dose they are. Something like clen, I'd chuck that and learn what I am buying next time, I wouldn't even try to guess the dose as it is not hard to OD on clen.
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