Test Freak -- NHA, no proprietary blends, any good?

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    Test Freak -- NHA, no proprietary blends, any good?

    There's a local store running a good deal on this, but I've never heard of it before. The supplement is called "Test Freak", and is marketed as a non-hormonal anabolic. Here's the info:

    [img]https://www.svncanada.com/cart_photo.php?l****12230&pic=i mage.jpg[/img]

    What are your thoughts on the dosages? I'm considering picking up two bottles to use in a couple months when I start my bulk (for a 60 day total run).

  2. Eh doesn't look like anything too special to me. There are a lot better test boosters available out there, never been a fan of Trib based products. Obviously I prefer MassFX or HardFX, but there are several others out there too.

  3. looks okay -- I like that it has testofen and an AI paired up. Although testofen hasn't even really done much for me, plenty of people like it.

    But what's the deal with calling stinging nettles ANTI dht?
  4. vadox6466
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    how is it compared to Thermolife's T-Bol?

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