1. Need2Sleep-NeedToBuildMuscle

    I have taken various sleeping products and eventually stuck with melatonin to help me get a good night sleep.

    Last month I was designated to cover nights for a while. I work in construction as a superintendent/engineer; work 10-15 hours a night, 6 nights a week. Therefore, I am having to get the most out of myself and I can absolutely not sleep during the day hours; live in apartment and its very loud and annoying.

    After a while of taking melatonin, it started to give me headaches for days and I would feel like I was hungover the following day. Spoke with Needtogetaas about this and he hooked me up!

    All I can say is....I have never slept this good in a very long time. Sleeping 8-11 hours as opposed to 6 hours a night. No more headaches, no more sandbagging eyes and etc.
    I need the sleep to be effective in my work and as well get the recovery needed for the workouts. There have been nights when I do not even wake up to use the restroom.

    Thanks you NTBM as I am now not stressing about getting sleep and I am fuller recovered the next day!

  2. bump. this is some good stuff. great sleep aid.
    Olympus labs super pct, don't cycle without it. It's the best IMO. Get some an you'll be glad you did Olympus labs rep

  3. yeah it looks like a killer sleep aid. it's on my wishlist... i'm writing santy clause

  4. Just took 2 caps of need 2 sleep, time for bed night.

  5. bet I am this stuff sounds pretty good

  6. I keep a bottle of this around at all times. I've had trouble "getting to sleep" for ages. This stuff allows me to lay down and pass out pretty quick. It's been a huge help for me.


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