1. Need2Sleep-NeedToBuildMuscle

    I have taken various sleeping products and eventually stuck with melatonin to help me get a good night sleep.

    Last month I was designated to cover nights for a while. I work in construction as a superintendent/engineer; work 10-15 hours a night, 6 nights a week. Therefore, I am having to get the most out of myself and I can absolutely not sleep during the day hours; live in apartment and its very loud and annoying.

    After a while of taking melatonin, it started to give me headaches for days and I would feel like I was hungover the following day. Spoke with Needtogetaas about this and he hooked me up!

    All I can say is....I have never slept this good in a very long time. Sleeping 8-11 hours as opposed to 6 hours a night. No more headaches, no more sandbagging eyes and etc.
    I need the sleep to be effective in my work and as well get the recovery needed for the workouts. There have been nights when I do not even wake up to use the restroom.

    Thanks you NTBM as I am now not stressing about getting sleep and I am fuller recovered the next day!

  2. bump. this is some good stuff. great sleep aid.

  3. yeah it looks like a killer sleep aid. it's on my wishlist... i'm writing santy clause

  4. Just took 2 caps of need 2 sleep, time for bed night.

  5. bet I am this stuff sounds pretty good

  6. I keep a bottle of this around at all times. I've had trouble "getting to sleep" for ages. This stuff allows me to lay down and pass out pretty quick. It's been a huge help for me.


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