Flashover or ULTIMA or ??

  1. Flashover or ULTIMA??

    Im currently using ASGT as my preworkout and cant say enough good things about it. But on that note i do like trying new things since everything deserves a fair chance. I recently tried maximize v2 for a couple workouts although i liked it, its still not enough to make me switch from ASGT. Flashover and Ultima both have caught my eye recently and i would like to try both eventually. Has anyone used both? How are the pumps? Any feed back on either would be appreciated.......

  2. I have samples on my last order of flash over ,and is really good,and the price better!!

  3. Yea i went ahead and went with Presurge Unleashed much more positive feedback on it from various other sites. But both of these and mesomorph are all on my to do list!

  4. Ultima is much more than your typical pre w/o IMO. The ingredient profile is quite thorough and from reviews has a tremendous impact on overall performance and not just a pre w/o buzz.

    I do hear some great reviews for flashover as well. Omega makes some top notch stuff
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  5. hard to say man ultima gets tons of great reviews, but is stim free, if you want stim go with flashover if you wnat stim free check out Ultima or in my case i use GPLC with shotgun or maximize and freaking love the pumps and increased vascularity i get!!!

  6. I think ill be going stim free next with Ultima since ASGT(just fnished) had stims and this new one does also. One of the reasons I got that presurge unleashed was for the gplc content! So well see how it goes.

  7. Ultima would be the biggest change if you want to try something "different" and it's surely an amazing product.

  8. Both. I love Ultima as a non-stim preworkout product. I add two scoops of Flashover when ever I need a kick-in-the-butt. They mix well together. And no I'm not a rep for the company.


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