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P-slin, Recompadrol, Anabolic pump.. are they for me?

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    P-slin, Recompadrol, Anabolic pump.. are they for me?

    i'm currently bulking, i know i can get more then enough carbs in any day of the week, but the timing thing w/ these supplements seems crucial the being able to benefit from them.. here's my situation..

    on off 2 days off a week i get from work, i'm not worried about the timing or the amount of carbs needing to be taken, but the days i do work i have 8 hour shifts, and i get a 20 (more like 18 technically)minute break after every hour i work, and thats it.. and all these supplements say to take 15-30 minutes b4 meal.. and i just dont have enough time b4 having to head back to work, and i usually hit gym straight after work..

    here is what i can do.. i can take a high carb meal 1 hr b4 takin any of these, and then on my next break take the pill and maybe stretch out eating to 10 minutes later, i got enough time b4 work, and i also have enough time after my workouts with my meal b4 bed..

    lemme kno what u guys think, i'm leanin towards p-slin a little more because its only a once daily pill, and seems like wait time between ingestion of the pill and food is a little shorter..

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    Since you're pressed for time and have an issue thinking you'll be able to commit to and execute on pre-meal dosing and timing... I would at least focus on the most crucial meal of the day regarding yielding results in the gym: Pre Workout. In this regard, Slin Sane would be the perfect adjunct to amplify your training intensity, capacity, and ultimately your utilization of intra-workout and post-workout nutrients as it climbs to a peak level and activity in your body.
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    Either or will do amazing; I've used pslin for as long as I can remember. I have not gone a day without it, truly makes a drastic difference.


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