Herbal Supplements under attack

  1. Herbal Supplements under attack

    Make Sure Your Legislators Know the Truth about Dietary Supplements
    Herbal alternatives are under attack and news headlines are sending the wrong message to our nation’s lawmakers. As a result, Congress is drafting legislation will limit your ability to make health choices when it comes to dietary supplements.

    Tell your legislators to get the RIGHT information on herbs and supplements by attending the Herbal Alternatives briefing with the nation's top herbalist – Dr. James Duke – on June 17 in Washington, D.C.

    Take action now! Click here for more information and to send a free e-mail letting your senators and representative know you want them to get the facts about dietary supplements.

    *I got this e-mail from the NNFA. This should concern us since I bet many of us use Hawthorne and Milk Thistle among others. We better do something about it before we have everything taken from us.

    I don't know why the "click here" link doesn't work, but I'm sure the NNFA website would provide links.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Iron Warrior
    Make Sure Your Legislators Know the Truth about Dietary Supplements
    Herbal alternatives are under attack and news headlines are sending the wrong message to our nation’s lawmakers.
    This has to do with conforming with Codex Alimentarius.
    Anyone who cares about free access to herbal, mineral, and dietary supplements should get educated on this issue. Codex will treats herbs and vitamins as drugs, leaving them open to “prescription only” status. The prohormone ban is just the beginning.


  3. Quote Originally Posted by BigTEX
    The prohormone ban is just the beginning.
    That is correct. The pharmaceutical lobby and the interests it represents want control (and the profits) of everything.

  4. Many politicians would seriously risk losing their jobs IMO, there's just too many people using vitamins and herbs in the U.S. One could argue that taking them away can be considered a health hazard.

    I hope I never have to get black market Hawthrone & vitamin C LOL.

  5. Good post Iron, the general public doesn't realize the agenda of the financeers for these politicians. Vested interests and personal gain is the main driving force behind these campaigns, not the best interests for the people...

    Here is the aforementioned link:

    just fill in the personal info and click send...BOOM done

    Update...I actually got a response from my representative. They are getting the message if we are willing to send them!
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  6. thanks stryder, just did it and I encourage evryone else to as well if they value their supplements!!!

  7. I agree with Jweave, I just did it and believe everyone else shud if you guys want to continue in this sport with the proper supplements. I don't see any reason not to, it takes a minute at the most but if enough people do it, it could help for years...

  8. Tell your friends to e-mail their representatives and tell them to spread the word, I already got 44 people to e-mail their reps. We have to send a freakin strong message. If you're a member at other boards than please spread the word over there. Only takes 1 minute

  9. Unbelievable. I already filled out that form and sent it.

  10. Me too,

    Although, I really get the feeling that in this country anymore, nobody listens to the little guy!

    I sent a form letter like this on the PH ban in and the kinds of responses that I got back were along the lines of :

    "You dont have to worry we will do what is right for the public"

    Which essentially means: We will do what we want to for our own interests.

    just my 2cents, Im not bitter, really

  11. Below is the Form letter replay that I recieved when I sent in my form letter on the herbal supplements issue. It is the same form letter that I received when I e-mailed my congressman on the prohormone ban several months ago.

    I guess its fair, a form letter for a form letter. Just shows you how much they really care about the voters. I bet they dont even read their e-mails. Just pisses me off!
    Dear Clinton:

    Thank you for contacting me about the regulation of alternative medications and supplements. I appreciate your taking time to inform me of your views, and welcome the opportunity to respond.

    In 1994 Congress passed the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA). This act is administered by the FDA and is aimed at preventing pharmaceutical manufacturers from making misleading claims, mislabeling products, or selling unsafe substances. However, apart from this legislation, there is not any federal law regulating the various forms of supplements.

    As you know, H.R. 207, introduced by Congressman John Sweeney, would redefine the "controlled substance" classification guidelines set forth in DSHEA to include various groups of nutritional supplements found to contain various forms of anabolic steroid precursors. This bill would also create an education program, aimed at individuals at grade and high school levels, to highlight the harmful effects of steroids and controlled substances.

    Currently H.R. 207 is being reviewed in the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Although I am not a member of that committee, you can be confident that if H.R. 207 comes to the floor of the full House of Representatives for debate of a vote, I will keep your thoughts in mind.

    Again thank you for contacting me. I hope this information is helpful. If you have further questions or concerns, regarding federal issues, please feel free to contact me.


    Jim Kolbe

    Member of Congress

    This address is used for outgoing correspondence only. For future correspondence, please visit



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