when to take my supplements?

  1. when to take my supplements?

    hey guys. right now im taking 2 creatine pills and 2 test booster pills with my meal about an hour and a half before the gym. I then take 2 creatine pills and 1 test booster with my post workout shake immediately following my workout. Is this the best time to take them or would there be a better schedule?

  2. what is it exactly your taking?

  3. Yeah, could you be a little
    more vague?

    What supplements are you consuming? Some are better absorbed with food, some arn't.

    Creatine is best taken in the morning, pre, and post workout.

  4. im stacking mass fx, glycobol and ERASE

  5. Well the glycobol should be taken with a meal.

    MassFX I dosed in the morning, and pre-workout. In the morning it was on an empty stomach, and pre-workout was semi-empty. Some get stomach issues when taking it on an empty stomach.

    I Never used Erase, and the description doesn't specify particulars about dosing.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by massolic View Post
    im stacking mass fx, glycobol and ERASE
    glycobol 2 caps pre workout meal, 15min before

    and 2 caps before last carb meal

    MASS FX dose first thing in AM and then again pre workout

    Erase follow directions on bottle, and also take dose preworkout to reduce cortisol post workout, IMO

    you could also add TCF-1 or a similar D-aspartic acid product to get great testosterone boosting properties from that erase and MASS FX


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