I received a sample kit that included a weeks supply of Anadraulic State GT, Anadraulic pump, Postal and some protein. Thanks LG by the way.

I tried them on Monday and have to say they taste terrible. I know supplements are not going to be cheescake but the tatse on these is hard to tolerate. The Anadraulic pump was crystalized and had some big clumps in it and smells like urine and skunk or. Postal is also hard to take down but I hear anything with waxy maize is tough to consume.

As for results I really didn't respond like I have in the past with products like Jacked or White Flood. I did get a tingly tongue though. I guess my workouts were good though so can't complain there but I am not hitting the weights hard right now. I am doing a training session where I ride bike for an hour. I do a period of HIIT cycles with weight lifting added in(I ride normal for a minute then at a higher speed for a minute followed by a set of weights...I am doing this at home so easy to do and the bike pauses when I stop).

In the end I just got to say that the taste and smell make these hard to consume for the results I have noticed.