Are Versa Gripps worth the price and how good are they for training

  1. Are Versa Gripps worth the price and how good are they for training

    I have been looking at Versa Gripps on bodybuilders training and it looks like it helps them handle heavier weights with out their grip giving out and I have been useing regular straps for my back work and it gets to a point where the straps don't feel comfortable when I get up to the heavy poundages. The hesitation I have on getting the Versa Gripps is the price $38.99 for the classic or $52.50 for the Pro ouch!! thats a lot for straps. I wanted to know if anyone on this forum has them and which one they recommend or are they
    not worth the money. I was also looking at a strap from a co. called Scheik
    which is a wrist strap with velcro and a strap that is attached from the middle of the strap which I assume keeps the strap from cutting into your wrist when you lift heavy and this sells for a more resonable price of $20 so if anyone has any imput or reviews on these products I would love to hear them before I make a purchase. Thank you in advance for any info anyone might have.

  2. The versa gripps aren't just straps, they act as gloves and wrist support too. I've had a set for almost a year now, and it was well worth it. I can do pullups or chinups with just my index finger wrapped around the bar with them, thats how solid of a grip they give. So it makes it possibe to do a LOT more exercises with a suicide grip than you can do without.

  3. Which Versa Gripps do you have the classic or the pro and thanks for the quick feedback.

  4. I've got the pros. they show some amount of wear at a year, but still work fine

  5. i think they are!! i know i sure love mine!

  6. Hey I just noticed there is a $5 coupon code that ends today on the versagripps, its


    Got that from them on facebook.

  7. They blow regular straps out of the water. I also do not like hooks. Versagripps have a very... rubber like texture that helps you grip with ease. I have the pro series and it really helps me out doing heavy work. Worth every red cent imo

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  8. So far everyone seems to like the Versa Gripp Pro and no one has mentioned the classic version or the Scheik straps. I still would like to hear some more feedback from anyone else who used the Versa Gripps either good or bad experiences with them. Thanks to everyone so far for the imput. Keep it coming I forgot to mention I am looking at the Versa Gripps to help me with my deadlifts which I am kind of stuck at a particular wt. and hopefully these gripps will help me get past the plateau.

  9. I own both: Versa Gripps Pro and Scheik Dowel Lifting Straps. Both work great in improving my pull exercises; however, the versa gripps make overhead exercises easier to set up.

    I would have a difficult time setting up my grip with the Schiek straps for pull ups, pull downs, and rack chins. It takes a maybe 10 secs for me to set up my grip with the versa gripps.

    I much prefer my versa gripps because I train DC style and keep my time between sets from 25-35 secs. I don't want to waste time trying to wrap the bar when I should be moving weights!

  10. I have the classics and they're great.. Great for push and pull.. Well worth the investment.

  11. I read a few reviews some where else and a number of people like the classic version
    better than the pro they said the classic felt more like the original version of these gripps
    and they were called Power Gripps. If anyone else has any feedback I would love to hear it.

  12. I purchased a pair of Versa Gripps pro from DPS and put them to use today on my back and traps workout and must it was worth the money. I was able to get two to three extra reps with each exercise and it felt great. I want to thank everyone who shared their experience and info with me about the straps it help me make my decision whether or not to purchase them. After todays workout I am glad I did get them.

  13. I have the pro. I will go down the list of pro's I have seen in mags and in life use them or have been mentioned using them.
    Richard Gaspari and Flex lewis
    Dexter Jackson
    Ronnie Colman
    Jay Cutler
    Samuel Silvio
    Tricky Jackson
    Jonnie Jackson
    Joel Stubbs
    Dr. Jim Stoppani Senior Science Editor for Muscle & Fitness Magazine
    Rusty Jeffers
    Dan Decker
    The list goes on. I love it. With out them I don't know what I would do. I have used the straps with the doel and takes to long to re grip re adjust etc.
    Versa Gripps are so much more quick. Also like how makes my wrist not bend.

  14. And they're AWESOME for going super heavy on shrugs and deads


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