supps ive tried

  1. supps ive tried

    dont know how relevant this would be but you all can chime in with the massive list of what supplements you have used and of which brand, and write a small description of what your feelings are (taste, result yield, affordability)...simply b/c ive have tried so much (esp. protein powder brands) due to a friend of mine who worked at gnc (hmmm) over 2 years back (got fired for reasons you probably can assume).

    PROTEIN (blend)
    -metrx protein plus (in choc, van. bean): like both as far as taste, price average for a blend. probably my favorite blend powder. Choc wins out in taste
    -proV60 (labrada in choc thunder and vanilla): again choc is superior in taste. mixes well for a blend, less thick than the metrx. always have split the servings into halves to get 30-35 grams depending on milk use. Also enjoyed/enjoy this bit more (28-30bucks) but comes in a 3+ lb tub
    -problend55: (tried all flavors): best batch had been one batch of vanilla but the two others ive had in vanilla were gruesome. HDT pretty suspect as far as consisitantly with their claims with powders and 1ad's so i rarely use em. But the choc and mocha are solid flavors and runs you 18-19 bucks. Avoid strawberry

    PROTEIN (whey)
    -EAS simply (choc and van): economical and mixes better than opt100%. High in cholestrol though. Ive always enjoyed eas's products and this is no exception. 5lb tub can be had for 20 flat at right now. (wow) but usually, one can find it for 25.
    -Opt100% (choc and van): second choice as far as whey goes due to its solid reputation,cost, and taste. I feel the vanilla is pretty aweful as far as taste goes. who can screw up chocolate? I enjoy this brand also...go hit up the 10lb bag for low 40's at jesupgym (of course, you can always bring it over to easyprice)
    -metrx protein whey (choc and staw): aweful as far as taste goes. Also the price per the 2lb tub is pretty high (22-26) so stick with the bigger tubs mentioned above. Had to mix these with the two above to get a decent taste output. aweful
    -EAS precision protein (choc and van): again, EAS is my manufacturer of choice. This is a step up as far as price from the simply but taste is a bit better. Result yield....notice nothing. I do however recommend this one for anyone who prefers a bit of a thicker shake (and thats hard to find in straight whey powder which doestn contain casien) good one (look for it off ebay...recently got one tub for 5 bucks...8.50 after ship)
    -EAS muscle drive (choc and van): i would have never purchased this in my lifetime but for free...(ha) different story. This is without a doubt the best whey mix ive had. Just makes want to cry....but again the price pretty much out of this world for a 32 oz tub. If any brand has given me my best gains, this might be it cuz the 3 months ive used this product, i gained the most weight...but of course, that coudl be b/c i was a sickly 127lb around then....WHAT??!!? ouch
    -Isopure (van, choc, straw) Again, pretty steep in price, but probably the easiest mixing powder ive had. Purely isolate (hence the easy mix) and a good profile of amino acids. If someone is lactose intolerant, this might be the choice of whey you go with...however, the cheapest ive found for their 8lb tub has benn 59.99 +shipping and around 28 for the 3lb.

    I'll post the mrps, creatine, glutamine, vitamins, zma's, etc ive used a bit later. Need to hit the gym and then work/class. Sage

  2. Oh way too many to list right now but if I could add to the question does anyone remember the stuff from the 80's, like the original Metabolol or Hot Stuff, Smilax.

    The best gain I've had, other than PH's, was on Phosphagain from EAS. The stuff tasted pretty good too.

    I'll add my list soon.

  3. Originally posted by sage
    I'll post the mrps, creatine, glutamine, vitamins, zma's, etc ive used a bit later. Need to hit the gym and then work/class. Sage
    I get are such a whore, sage!

    BTW I'll be posting all the shoes I've tried on in a later thread.

    I'm kidding man, have at it.
  4. Re: Re: supps ive tried

    Originally posted by jweave23

    I get are such a whore, sage!

    BTW I'll be posting all the shoes I've tried on in a later thread.

    I'm kidding man, have at it.
    ha...ya i suppose i am. to please you even farther, here the rest of my list eh?

    -myoplex regular(every flavor) & deluxe (all three flavors): again, EAS my brand man. Deluxe will run you 1.60 a packet while you can find the variety 42 regular pack for 45-49 easy online. Love this meal replacement b/c its one of the thicker ones around and i suggest for anyone who is trying to cut back a bit on calories, to either go for this or metrx cuz as for me, whenever i chug a thin shake, im never flavors include choc/pb, choc mint, delux straw and choc....they all pretty good. Least favorite are some of the tropical flavors (pina colada, orange jubilee...they just get old)
    -metrx (all flavors): another thick shake, less protein and a little bit less carbs to add up to around 250-260 cals per serving. Love the choc/pb flavor. Hate the berry blast with a passion. (right up there with twinlabs fuel plex as the worst tasting mrp ive i wont even say anything about the twinlab)
    -Isopure (natures best): too thin for my liking. Taste is pretty weak (and i mean that literally...just doesnt have enough of a taste, even if i add less water/milk) Again, the choc/pb my fav. Like the isopure whey powder, mixes extremely well.
    -MHP methoxy-meal (banana creme): terrible. Smells decent when you open the packet but once you mix and chug....terrible. However on the plus side, its low in carbs (13g) and no aspartame.

    -EAS phosaghen hp: only transport creatine delivery ive had. Good value for 42 servings (15-18 bucks). Taste is good (refreshing after an intense workout). However, net result i cant say is better or any worse than straight pure powder mixed with dextrose/malt. Good one to try once or twice.
    -Prolab: probably the most popular. Again, if a creatine is of pure grade (likely german grade) than i believe the best value you can get, go for it.
    -Ive also tried lesser known pharmecudical brands....results were close to even with the two above.

    -Iron-Tek: no noticable result from glutamine
    -GNC's pro performance: no noticable result from glutamine use again....more chalky though.

    -tried biotest, ctyodyn cyclo-zmass....i do not like zma too much. not only have i gotten real far out results but i seem like the only person who has more problems sleeping while using em than aiding a deeper sleep.

    others like protein bars and such...i wont bore you all with it. THanx for listening eh? Sage

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