my thoughts on anadraulic state gt

  1. my thoughts on anadraulic state gt

    I was WAS skeptical until today when i got my tub in the mail- mixed 2 scoops(I weigh 221-like 16-18 bf) and a half scoop of maximize v2- amazing pump simply amazing- almost comparable to juice- ALMOST best natty pump i have EVER had-lg u have impressed me!
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  2. BOOYAH!

  3. I have mixed feelings on it:

    1. It definetly upsers my stomach but I eat a piece of chicken with it and it is bearable. Without it then I am screwed and it just feels like horrible hunger

    2. Energy is weird, It is more like frustration than pure energy but it does get you through the workout. It has some power in this area, even when i am completely out of it I have a decent workout but it's not a "stim" feeling although the first 2 times it did feel like my heart would explode ha.

    3. No pump for me but whatever I could care less about this and I am dieting so I am flat anyway.

    4. I can only take it like once a week due to the creatine bloat. Thats just a personal issue I have

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