Thoughts on this peri-wo mix?

  1. Thoughts on this peri-wo mix?

    I just ordered some stuff from trueprotein, and decided to try my hand at making my own custom mixture. Even though last time I tried that, I ended up with horrible undrinkable crap.

    This time however I am slightly pleased, although the taste is rather bitter for my palate.

    60% 2:1:1 BCAA
    20% Gemma Pea Protein
    10% L-Leucine (instantized)
    5% Betaine HCL
    5% Citrulline Malate

    Basically I recently ran out of purple wraath (which I think is great btw) and I was picking up some DAA at trueprotein, so I figured I might try some kind of "homebrew" alternative.

    Yesterday I went to judo class and had a 20g serving of this before, and another during. I did miss the beta-alanine from PW, but in general I'm looking forward to seeing how this mixture works for the next couple of months.

    The taste as I said is a bit bitter (I went for premium old-fashioned lemonade flavor, with some splenda added) -- also I noticed when I got the mixture, it wasn't very mixed at all, the flavoring was in a couple of massive clumps which it took me about 30 minutes using a food processor and some manual crushing to get decently mixed in.

    A funny sidenote, I live in Iceland and we have pretty paranoid customs -- they opened my trueprotein package, and obviously thought they hit the drug jackpot: a 1.5lb bag of heroin colored powder, and a 200g jar of snow-white powder ... must've been a bit disappointing to find it was just some amino acids and protein ;-)

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    I probably would opt for without the pea protein in there, but the rest of it looks solid nonetheless.

    And lol at the customs situation; that's hilarious, man. I keep wondering what'll happen when I go out to Hawaii for a couple weeks and take a ton of pills and powders with me, haha.
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  3. Thanks MidwestBeast :-)

    I opted for the pea protein because I wanted a little of the other aa's and it's supposedly pretty fast-absorbing (faster than whey?). As far as I know it shouldn't delay the absorption of the bcaa's really.

    Mostly I was looking for something to avoid catabolism during the 2h long intense judo sessions... And if it increases my performance a little, that's a good added bonus. However I think I'll grab some more PW after I finish this batch, since it's the best thing I've tried so far (and am able to get past customs here in this overprotective country =).

  4. Catobolism takes a long time to set in my friend.. You dont really need the pea protein IMO.. Get some BA and creatine in there..

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