Interested in water bloat and creatine?

  1. Interested in water bloat and creatine?

    was reading where creatine mono can help aid with lean muscle mass. I am such a big responder to creatine. I get full muscles and strength. However, i think i am exposed to weight gain and water weight which i do not want? Is this beacuse of certain types of creatine? I am thinking of trying jack3d. I was wondering if this would cause the bloat that is typical of creatine.

    Also, i am looking into staple products such as BCAA, l-carnitine for fat loss??, protein, fish oil, is there anything else i need. GNC mega men sport shake in morning. Looking ofr lean muscle, no bloat. ALso looking for appetite suppreseent. What about hoodia concentrate??

  2. Some creatine products do give the user bloat its something thats user dependent and product dependent i have found Green Magnitude to give me no bloat but SizeOn gave me a good deal of bloat however a freind that used SizeOn didnt get any bloat you have to find a product that works good with you,. My reccomendation for staple supps is basically what you said Protein, Fish Oil, BCAA, Vitamins (Perferablly a product with a good deal of B vitamins which enhance the effect of creatine) Theres really not much else "staples" but i cant comment of appetite suppresents because never used one.

  3. If you're looking for just Creatine, save your money and dont spend on blends that may contain Creatine but rather just go for some Creapure, you may notice less bloating/water retention from this.

    6 weeks into my Creapure cycle and im using it on a bit of a Cutting phase and im getting no bloating or water retention, face is managing to get little thinner with the bodyfat im losing is well, so again no facial bloating that some report from regular Creatine Monohydrate.

    Primordial Performance and ProLabs Creatine are both the Creapure kind so check them out and take your pick I guess

  4. Bloat is a myth. Excess sodium causes bloat, ie water retention under the skin, puffiness, etc. Creatine pulls water into the muscle fibers themselves, which increases anabolism; this is not bloat. Muscles look fuller, they are hydrated, I've read that the increased muscle fiber diameter increases strength, and there's more atp. Creatine is the ****.

  5. which would be better as far as bloat for most?> Green magnitude as a preworkout i am thinking. I dont want much bloat and pepole said it isnt that bad? Or try jack 3d or creapure. I mostly want something preworkout because i will probably get BCAA and put this in my preworkout drink, etc..or take after. Not sure? But green mag looks like might be ok but scared of bloat

  6. If you like geranium, jacked would be fine. I prefer green bulge to green magnitude, for a stim free creatine. Or asgt for a creatine with mild anti-estrogen properties to put you in the Anabolic State.

  7. You keep mentioning Jack3d. Jack3d is a preworkout supp, not really a true Creatine supp. It contains creatine for those who do not take creatine. Creapure is good.

  8. well i am looking for more of a preworkout with creatine, etc...i just dont want alot creatine for bloating issues. I am also kind of sensitive to caffeine. I have tried ragnarok caffeine free and it helped alot and i got strong and big. I think i did get bloated. Gained like 10 pounds in month or so. Not where i want to be. I would like to gain but not that much and i know it isnt muscle. Green magnittude contain stimulants or caffeine or bloat?

  9. No, it doesn't. Try green bulge or Cre02. Both great stim-free options.

  10. dont want to take pills...what is wrong with green magnitude?

  11. nothing at all. in my experience, those two are just better. UN Storm is another basic creatine option.

  12. I believe the "bloat associated with creatine mono started when most creatine products used to have copious amounts of sugar to help with creatine uptake or whatever.

    i use creapure right now and have zero bloat besides in my muscles.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by monstermash View Post
    I believe the "bloat associated with creatine mono started when most creatine products used to have copious amounts of sugar to help with creatine uptake or whatever.

    i use creapure right now and have zero bloat besides in my muscles.
    thats where it is supposed to be, water within the muscle. I have a sensitive stomach and most anything bloats me, but I've never used creatine during a cut. Some would call it dumb, but it would be a true test of creatine mono and bloat.


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