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D4 Thermal Shock VS. O.E.P

  1. D4 Thermal Shock VS. O.E.P

    Been taking OEP since the IC release, and I do love it, but got some samples of Cellucor D4 Thermal Shock (incidentally when I was buying a 180ct OEP heh) and was wondering opinions on both.

    Gonna take a D4 tomorrow to see how it goes.

    .. on a side note Jack3d is my PWO of choice, but I got a sample of M5 as well, just downed it, I'll post results later heh..


  2. Update.. I DO NOT like M5 Extreme.

    I'm very jittery, like a super caffeine high. But I have no energy.. like this stuff sapped all that my muscles had to give.

    Did 1 short set then felt so out of gas it isn't funny, heart rate is WAY up..

    Only positive I will give it is a crazy good vascularity pump, but I feel, jittery, tired, overheated, over worked, and didn't even break a sweat or was able to finish my workout.

    Not gonna be using it again, back to Jack3d for me.


  3. Just tried my first sample of D4 Thermal Shock. I gotta say it's not bad, but I'm thinking it has a lot more caffeine in it than OEP, as I've got the jitters pretty good. Decent focus tho.

    Too early to tell about appetite suppression, as most products take a long time to give me that effect (weeks) or just don't at all, even recreate and OEP I get minimal appetite suppression, so I have to just keep the willpower up hehe.

    As of now, I like OEP better, but this may be a good product to cycle with it to keep OEP up and running nicely. Will update more and more


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