From Natadrol into Powerfull during pct

  1. From Natadrol into Powerfull during pct

    So i guess you could say i am new here, I've been researching on the site for awhile and haven't posted b/c all of my questions are already answered in prior threads. So here is my question hopefully not a dumb one.

    Can i do a cycle of Natadrol and then during the pct of Natadrol (T-911) run PowerFULL during the pct along with the T-911? Or would it be pointless to do this?

  2. ya you could do this if you want..or get the natabolic stack and run the free GHenerate it comes with

  3. For sure if you want to run natadrol buy the natabolic stack. With it you basically get Ghenerate and Formadrol BOTH for only $19! Its a killer deal man and IMO doesnt make any sense to purchase it any other way im all about value. The ghenerate will last you all the way through your 6 week natadrol cycle and 4 week formadrol PCT. but if you insist on the T911 and powerfull id still buy the natabolic stack and set the extra 2 items to the side for a rainy day. Good luck man natadrols treating me well thus far.

  4. Ok I hadnt even looked at the Natabolic stack. I think ill just do that. But yea im always looken for a deal and i think that looks like the best. Thanks

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