First workout with USP labs Jack3d!

  1. First workout with USP labs Jack3d!

    I was a little worried about taking Jack3d after several reviews I had read about people not being able to sleep. First, I enjoy drinking soda, and I figured Jack3d would be a good way to stop this unhealthy habbit due to the amounts of caffine in each. I took it as directed about 30 minutes before our workout. Our gym is about an 8 minute drive from my house and I was shocked at how intensly focused on just the road I was. I had an incredible boost of energy and felt like through the whole workout I was holding back a tad even though I was killed by the time I left the gym.

    IMO, great stuff. I found a killer deal on it for only $18, plus the shipping. PM me for the link.

    God bless!

  2. Glad to hear you enjoyed the jack3d!! that's also on my top 3 list for pre-workout supps!

  3. been taking jacked ever since it was the stuff...i like how it has no friggin dyes in it

  4. Its good stuff for sure!

  5. Jack3d, ASGT, and muscle pharms assault are my favorite preworkout supps!

    for the recent past, I've been cycling between ASGT and Jack3d...working great! BTW: I learned the hard way...don't stack Jack3d and ASGT!!! way too cracked out when I tried that


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