First workout with USP labs Jack3d!

  1. First workout with USP labs Jack3d!

    I was a little worried about taking Jack3d after several reviews I had read about people not being able to sleep. First, I enjoy drinking soda, and I figured Jack3d would be a good way to stop this unhealthy habbit due to the amounts of caffine in each. I took it as directed about 30 minutes before our workout. Our gym is about an 8 minute drive from my house and I was shocked at how intensly focused on just the road I was. I had an incredible boost of energy and felt like through the whole workout I was holding back a tad even though I was killed by the time I left the gym.

    IMO, great stuff. I found a killer deal on it for only $18, plus the shipping. PM me for the link.

    God bless!

  2. Glad to hear you enjoyed the jack3d!! that's also on my top 3 list for pre-workout supps!

  3. been taking jacked ever since it was the stuff...i like how it has no friggin dyes in it

  4. Its good stuff for sure!
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  5. Jack3d, ASGT, and muscle pharms assault are my favorite preworkout supps!

    for the recent past, I've been cycling between ASGT and Jack3d...working great! BTW: I learned the hard way...don't stack Jack3d and ASGT!!! way too cracked out when I tried that
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