1. natadrol?

    I am wondering whos takin it and what kind of gains they got from it?

  2. Alot of people are currently mid cycle right now. Its suppose to be great for its recomp/cutting abilities. I am 12 days in so its still early to have seen anything major. But im noticing a little better vascularity and a nice elevated mood. Also i am hungrier than i have ever been in my life. I wonder if this is common on this product or not? But IMO cant beat the price of the natabolic stack!

  3. I'm finishing out my last week and I'm up 8lbs, strength is up all around. I didn't notice much leaning out since I was eating over maintenance, but that probably accounts for part of the strength and size gains, but bf% has probably gone up a couple points. I've had no negative side effects.

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