Best stak for 21yr old!!

  1. Best stak for 21yr old!!

    I'm 21, i already got the basics, protein, crea, fishoil...
    I know how to lift.. I'm pretty ripped, but very light...

    bout to go back to school where food is endless for me unlike my home...
    and I want a stak that will majorly help boost my results in weightgain, and strength...I tried animal stak before, it did not work at all, but i think it mite have been because I did not eat much...I was living at home...
    Do i give animal stak another try? or is there something better out there..I want something very similar to animal stak...

    Thanks for the help and suggestions guys! I love this site lol

  2. It doesn't matter what you take, you need to eat more food to gain weight.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Killerkanadia View Post
    It doesn't matter what you take, you need to eat more food to gain weight.

  4. Beef and whole wheat pasta..
    Whole milk..

    ^^^^ Anabolic diet..

  5. hmmm u guys misunderstood me , I know I gotta eat more obviously.... lol
    what I am saying is once I go back to school in a week, I will gain the weight easily, and I want a stak that will help me, I shuld not have said a stak to help gain weight..thats all me, I want a stak that will help with strength, and add sum size...

  6. Swole stack
    Natabolic Stack
    Pink magic

    etc, they all work.

  7. natabolic stack seems like the one Im favouring...70 bucks for a ten week cycle? fda compliant?...seems healthy enough and the reviews seem good...

  8. If you say youre going to be eating a lot at school, I'd pick up some Anabolic Pump, Slin-Sane, or Glycobol. It'll fill you up!!! So outta KillerKanadias suggestions, maybe the Swole stack..

  9. Good point

  10. Im going to throw the natabolic stack out there. Im currently running it and i can not stay out of the kitchen man. Im 12 days in and noticing a little better vascularity and an elevated mood which is nice. But I have never been so hungry! I was trying to take it on a maintainence diet for a nice recomp/cut but thats gone out the window. So now im just eating whenever im hungry good clean foods though. Tons of chicken, albacore tuna, whole wheat breads and pastas, lots of vegetables and moderate fruits. No fast food other than subway which is the worst thing in my diet. I wonder if it had the same effect on other's making them hungry as well???

  11. I went with natabolic

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Doubravkody View Post
    I went with natabolic
    Good choice !!!

  13. TCF-1, Testropro, ASGT
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