1. POSEIDON or Blast

    Whats up guys? I am narrowed down to POSEIDON or Blast. Basically because I am looking for something that is a mild stim, delivers good O2 delivery, pumps, mental focus, and no crash. I am however, torn between the two. Blast has Poseidon in it, but at a lower dose. I was wondering if anyone out here in the AM community has used these 2 products enough to help me out a little. Will I get the same benefits of POSEIDON if I use blast (plus some extra goodies). I checked Nimbus website, and they have reviews and what not, but I am looking for a comparison. Any help, and also any alternate ideas, will be greatly appreciated. Thanks fellas.

  2. Anyone??

  3. Poseidon and a caffeine pill or cup of coffee.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by HurtinPounds View Post
    Poseidon and a caffeine pill or cup of coffee.
    I second it

  5. You can't go wrong with Poseidon.
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  6. I'm a big fan of posiedon as well. I like to make a pre workout ****tail of posiedon, prime and OEP. Its a beautiful combination.


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