Swole & creatine together

  1. Swole & creatine together

    i respond well to both creatine AND Swole but i do prefer the Swole at the moment as i'm low carbing and i feel a lot less bloated.

    i've just been wondering what the 2 together would be like.

    anyone tried it?


  2. come on, people!!! don't tell me that NO-ONE has tried Swole & creatine together?

    am i the first to have thought about doing this?


  3. Whats the point? Swole ahs creatine in it, unless you just wnat more creatine.

  4. What would make more sense is to go back to regular creatine right after a Swole cycle. According to the studies, you're body should allow more creatine into the muscles than would normally be possible, after using GPA. I'm not sure if this the way it would work due to the low amount of GPA in Swole V.2 but it's worth a try.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Grant
    Whats the point? Swole ahs creatine in it, unless you just wnat more creatine.
    i thought my point was pretty much self explanitory. i wanted to know if anyone had used the 2 together.

    a serve of Swole plus a serve of regular creatine mono might yield better results than each on their own.


  6. i just got swole from 1,400 and i was wodering how long before you can see any results,also it says to take 1 serving 2x /day, can you load it ? or has anybody done that ?

  7. Don't load, but in my case I upped the dosage to 3 to 4 times a day. Noticed the pump within 4 days and bodyweight increase(5 to 7 lbs) starting at the end of week 2 up to week 6. Strength and endurance were constant source of pleasure while on this stuff. I'm now back on regular creatine mono and so far I feel the theory mentioned above has merit. I've always responded to creatine but I feel the pump more now and saw another 5 lb increase in weight over the first 3 weeks. My plan is to run this another 9 weeks, then take 6 weeks off any creatine supplementation, then start back on Swole V.2 and Custom's knockoff, 2 scoops each per day and run this for 8 weeks, then back to creatine mono and repeat over and over.

  8. I mixed creatine mono into some NOZ I had when it was getting low..just to stretch it. I didn't really notice anything special.
  9. Exclamation

    It's a waste bro. After your muscles are loaded with creatine 6 grams a day will keep creatine levels stable you piss out the rest And yes like a dumb ass I wasted cash and creatine by using Swole and Kre-Alklyn at the same time. I would have been better off using Swole to load and then Kre-Alklyn for maintenance. In other words there was no difference in adding more creatine to Swole.


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