Trimax question

  1. Trimax question

    How many of you that used Trimax had refeeds? Or did you just go straight through? Thanks.

  2. Actually to be quite honest my diet was not the greatest the entire time I was on trimax. Actually it sucked, and the stuff still melted the fat off of me. So I can only imagine what a structured diet would do for you. But I would recommend refeeds if for nothing else psychological reasons. And for energy because by the middle of the second week I started dragging ass everywhere.

  3. Hmm thats what I thought.

  4. At the moment im taking 1 cap of Tri-max a day and treating this entire week like a refeed, and its impossible to put fat on.

    Using it on low cal without anabolics will cause muscle loss, and trying to "carb up" on it is impossible.

  5. one "refeed" weekly, my ratio was 40/20/40

  6. I used to do that type of diet when I was BBing. Now I am doing more of a fighter/SEAL type of workout. So my ratio's will be either 40/40/20 or 50/40/10. What do you think?


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