Arimedex HD and M-80

  1. Arimedex HD and M-80

    Very interested in these two products by BPI. Does anyone who has tried either one have any info on how well they work? Can't find too much. Thanks!

  2. BUMP! Anybody?

  3. i am interested in this also..curious.

  4. Wow, I guess this product is so new, not much to review on. I just read about in Muscle and Performance (the one that Vitamin Shoppe sends out), and really peaked my interest. But I have to ask, how does it stack up against stuff like Mass FX, Prime, etc? It claims to raise test levels 231.8%, can't remember what tcf-1 raises, but makes me wonder.

  5. I just ran one bottle of Arimedex HD and my opinion of it is good. I didn't do bloodwork to check levels, but judging by friends' comments on my appearance it works at least a bit. I've used other test boosters in the past, some of which are no longer available, and AHD ranks towards the top of the more recent products I've used. PM me for my experiences/details, I don't wanna post info in this thread, if you'd like. As for the M80, I am trying to get some and run it together with the AHD.

  6. I'd kind of like to know about these too. I ran BPI's Rx6 and loved it. What does M-80 do exactly?


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