1. L-tyrosine

    Whats the best brand to buy? And does it matter?

  2. Not sure about brands but I have heard that the Aectyl version is much more bioavailable when taken orally than the regular L-tyrosine.

  3. Ummm that is pretty much ass backwards. While some claim that the acetyl is more bioavailable (as in l-carn verse alcar), it is not the case with l-tyrosine. Stick with the l form, and just get the cheapest IMO. Buy bulk, it doesn't taste that bad, so id say bulknutrition, BAC, or BSL.

  4. Cool. Thanks

  5. i use the Sci-Fit brand 500mg caps.

    although i haven't used others to compare it i really like stacking it with ECA.

    it seems to lengthen the effect of the ECA and decreases the anxiety that sometimes accompanies ECA use when beginning another cycle.


  6. I'm using the NOW brand L-Tyrosine and it seems to be doing fine. It comes in a 120 cap bottle with 500mg/cap


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