Fat burner PRE BED

  1. Fat burner PRE BED

    yea thats right.

    I said it, Flame on?

    I take them and goto sleep for the night wake up feeling 100% like i can jump straight outta bed into a 20 rep set of anything thrown at me.

    i also feel leaner. I also look 100x better if i wake up and do cardio or a fasted weight training session.


    maybe im just retarted...

    last night was 2 caps hemodrene and 2.5mg yohimbine HCL. **** did nothing in terms of energy n stim.

  2. idk how you can sleep taking hemodrene before bed with yohimbe . but if it works more power to u bro

  3. me either, i used to take 20mcg colen with 5mg yohimbine. maybe im too tolerant? either way, lean mean ****ing machineee

  4. I took Alpha T2 a couple hours before bed last night, and that's with being on a bit of Clen too!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by sapentia View Post
    I took Alpha T2 a couple hours before bed last night, and that's with being on a bit of Clen too!
    i got some lipo 6 x caps ill try tonight or tomorrow night. with some added yohimbine. see how that goes.

  6. Your stim tolerance must be very high then?

    I can't imagine it's good for deep sleep?

  7. I can sleep no problem after taking E/C. My favorite thing to do though is say I wake up at 7am, have my alarm set for then. I'll set a second alarm for 6am. Wake up then, take E/C or whatever stim and go back to bed. I will naturally wake up and feel a hell of alot better 30-40 mins later from the stims!

    Best thing to do when training first thing in the morning IMO!
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