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That is very interesting. In your experience, what was the difference between AnaBeta, SLIN and Recompadrol? Were you able to eat more carbs (or overall calories) without increasing your body fat percentage or...what was the difference between them? Also, have you tried Need2Slin? If you have, how would you rate it?
I am very sensitive to any insulin changes in my body - have been since my first bottle of SLIN, actually.

I eat a lot, period, calories and carbohydrates, so didn't make a difference as far as what I ate.

AnaBeta exerts a very strong hunger effect and I was eating on every hour pretty much - actually, the only product where I ate more than usual, and was getting close to the 10,000 calories a day that I used to have when I was cycling. I saw good gains, even though my goal when using it was NOT gains, and overall, I went up by 0.6% bodyfat the first time (used for two weeks) and maintained what I was the second time (used a full bottle) - do note that my TRAINING has the MOST effect on me re results and both times I was not even training at Maintenance, this last run only getting in 2-3 training sessions a week, with the second week of use a week off ALL training.

Recompadrol I dosed when I woke up, post-training, and pre-bed. Loved using it pre-bed because I woke the next morning looking and feeling tight and defined. It helped keep me dry and I always felt good on it. My eating was probably the closest to "normal" for me when I was using Recompadrol, but I was also training as "normal" (i.e. at Maintenance) as well.

SLIN I have dosed at 2-5 caps (2 caps being appropriate for me - any higher and I experience insulin-like side effects) per dose several times daily, whilst training normally and at only 2-3 days of training a week. Regardless of the dosage, I experience no bloating or water retention the day AFTER days where I had high-carbohydrate and/or high energy (>4000 cal/day) intake.

Sometimes it's hard to explain to someone who has not used each product, especially since not everyone experiences the same thing, eats the same way, or trains in a similar manner to the person relaying feedback. Hope that helps somewhat, though.