Recent Nutraplanet Phenibut reviews

  1. Recent Nutraplanet Phenibut reviews

    I just recently ordered some of the new super phenibut nutraplanet offers. Waiting for it to kick in. Just wondering if it has been consistent. Its seems like the reviews on that post stopped in may. I'm wondering if people are still getting good results from it. I hope its better than the old stuff which just made me feel tired and depressed.

  2. Its still an every-other-day part of my supplement regiment. Oh, and I don't take on the weekends. I've been using NP's for a while now.

  3. that's not particularly healthy man.

    sure its euphoric, but it can easily become a crutch like alcohol, adderall and a whole host of other goodies.

  4. I'm asking if the new batch is still better. They supposedly changed back to the way the old phenibut was so i'm wondering what peoples results have been like. Please don't leave replys about your opinion of phenibut. I'm asking about the new product because clearly most of the phen has been **** for the past year or 2.
    I noticed right from the beginning this stuff seems a little better. Doesn't make me as tired and gives better anti anxiety relief. As of right now i will never buy another brand of phenibut. So far so good. We'll see how tomorrow goes. I used to enjoy the hangover effects with the old stuff. The recent products left me feeling like **** the next day.

  5. So is the good phenibut back yet. I went from good back to bunk again. What the heck is wrong with you people. You get the good phenibut. then time passes and the crap baby powder starts selling again. thanks for wasting my money. Don't buy phenibut if its not the cystalline phenibut



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