Alpha T2/OEP/DCP Stack

  1. Alpha T2/OEP/DCP Stack

    I have been on this stack for a couple of weeks now. Dropped about 12 pounds so far, and not with an ultra clean diet either.

    Question is, I have a bottle of LX by DS, could I or should I throw that in for cortisol control and further enhance the stack?

  2. Honestly, you are on enough right now. I'd save the LX to use after your current stack to either continue with fat-loss or move into a recomp/lean bulk.

  3. You could either add LX to the stack, or save it for right after the stack. If you've already lost 12 pounds I would keep doing what youre doing and save the Lean Xtreme
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  4. Thanks for the advice.

    My wedding is in 17 days, and I did a bulk cycle for the summer, and now trying to get cut up for the wedding and honeymoon. I was up to 208 in July, now down to 196 and really keying my diet in now to whole grains and protein.

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