Amateur lifter 31 years of age needs help

  1. Amateur lifter 31 years of age needs help

    Hi, I been doing lots and lots of reading on this site. I am 31 years of age and never lifted a weight in my life. My new years resolution was to lose belly weight and gain muscle weight. Lets just say i got a super late start May 24th.

    I started off getting my gym membership at Anytime fitness. The only trainer they had was a cardio instructer who never did bulking but said she train me for 20 bucks a pop.

    First month saw her 3 times a week.

    I was on a 4k calorie diet. Did shoulders biceps and tris on monday legs on wed and back abs on friday. I was using mex rex power bars GNC amplified whey 60 and GNC amplified creatine pills. After 1 month I gained unpresented 20lbs only thing is i gained 6 inches on my waist i was so round in the stomach i couldn't fit into my jeans. Very embarassing. I then got on craigs list and found a strength conditioning college coach that wanted to freelance and hired him.

    We started July 1st I weighed in at 6'3 190lbs
    inches Neck
    15 Chest
    36 Chest
    42 abs
    36 waist
    14 arms
    11 forarms
    BF 23% < Crazy in college i was 8 % before I started this 4k diet 15%

    he dropped me to a 2k calorie diet that incles

    Oatmeal for morning 3 fish oil caps 1200 mg 1 flax seed cap 1kmg multi vitamen 1 serving Gold standard whey.
    Soy nuts mid day snack
    Lunch PNJ on 9 grain wheat
    yogurt greek or weight watchers
    Super Chicken breast brocoli/any other green vegetables
    24 ounces of water every 2 hours.

    I have had zero cheat days this entire month.. however i did go out one night and had vodka cranberries. No beer No soda no fast food. Can't tell ya how much money i saved on fast food bills wow... anyways

    I work out 5 times a week now 3 with him 2 on my own.

    Mon Chest
    Tuesday bi' tri's
    Wed Abs
    Thur Shoulder
    Friday back

    My work outs go 1 hour 15 min usually to point of exhuastion

    Every week I gain about 5 to 10lbs on each dif set. I noticed lately going down to 5lbs. July 1st i started using jack 3d 30 min before each workout but stopped the creatine due to always feeling bloated.

    My August 2nd Weigh in 178lbs
    15 1/2 Neck
    38 1/4 Chest
    36 1/4 Abs
    34 1/8 Waist
    12 1/4 Arms <<<<
    11 Forarms
    BF 17.4%

    I am getting old and my trainer says i should do some research in some test boosters he asked me questions about erections love life etc and i answered honestly and he says that over the years lack of love life and being so submissive that my test is probably been shutting down. I have had alot of hair loss etc pass 3 years. ALot. He told me to do research on a booster. he has never taken them since he is 28 so he doesnt' know much about them but thinks maybe it will help me where i want to go.

    So, I ordered Tri Bomb 2 and meth 1-d combo with t-911

    I think whichever one arrives first is the one I will cycle for a month.. My question is after i offcycle the one can i jump right into a cycle of the other and keep switching... and can i combine the jack 3d which i love the feelign of it really helps me focus with the t -911

    My goal is biceps.. My whole life i been teased about my very small arm muscles compared to my shoulders and chest and abs. My friends always called me ET phone home.

    Skinny fat i think the term is...

    Any advice will help me..

  2. Good luck & congrats on your journey to being fit.

    First, I doubt that you will be able to put on ANY muscle witha 2k cal diet. You will have to decide if you want to cut or add LBM through a recomp. Just so you understand, a recomp is body recomposition where you are dropping fat while adding muscle. So in essence you might weigh the same over 2-3 months time BUT you have more muscle and less fat. If you are 2k cal you will not add any muscle, you may be losing muscle. I would have to check my diet plans to see my cal but never went that low, even on a strict cut to <10% BF and I am 5'7" and 170lbs.

    Second, I dont know anything about tri-bomb but if it is a test booster you might want to take a month or so off between t-boosters. I do like M1D, follow that up with the T911. Other tboosters that are great include Testopro and DAA products, also look at AppNut IGF-2.

    To build those arms dont just focus on biceps, hit the tris hard too they are a larger muscle than bis. For curls do hammer curls, bb curls, preacher curls . . . no rocket science necessary.

    Also, are you using any other supps? Creatine, fish oil, multi-vitamin? All good to throw in there along with protein post workout.
    -OMEGA RecoverBro-
    When an omega male is born it's game over


  3. Well IDK what the Tri bomb is and you may want to cancel it if its not too late.

    As for T boosters T911 is pretty good. Mostl people like it. I would stack the meth 1d and T911. Get 2 bottles of each and run them for 8wks. It should give you a decent boost. than run the LG science Formadrol for PCT. Done deal, no need for the tri bomb.

  4. Thanks for the responses.. I got the LG 1d meth and t 911 started the cycle today.. I however afraid to do 6 pills a day.. So going with 4 right now.. and 2 of the t 911.. The t-911 takes forever to disovle under my tongue around 5 to 10 min... I take jack 3d 30 min before work out. Post workout I do two servings of Gold standard Strawberry.. During my work out i use muscletech intravol 1 scoop of that with 20 oz water and drink that during rest periods. I start logging my advancements Since I get taped and measured bye my trainer every monday.. I will also log my lifting increments.

    I heard alot of people say i am crazy for only 2k cal diet. but at my age.. when i tried 4k i just gained a ton of belly fat. I am finally now losing it.. its summer I don't want no et belly. Maybe this winter I will boost up cal count

    Ps.. I take extenze male sexual enhancer will this effect anything someone said male sex enhancers are also a test booster of sort.

  5. no need for 4k calories but for you im guessing 2500 or so will help with muscle gains. and some fasted cardio or post workout cardio will help kill the belly. get some bcaa's to help preserve muscle while cutting cals too

  6. Quote Originally Posted by good2Badawg View Post
    no need for 4k calories but for you im guessing 2500 or so will help with muscle gains. and some fasted cardio or post workout cardio will help kill the belly. get some bcaa's to help preserve muscle while cutting cals too
    yeah 4k cals is ALOT dude especially for someone with no training background- not being a **** just sayin!

    When I do steroids I eat about 3700 cals- and one can eat more while on a cycle of juice because steroids are nutrient partitioners- anyways thats why u gained so much fat- your body doesnt need 4k cals to grow- ive been training for goin on 2 years and my body only needs bout 3100 to grow

    Anyways I understand about the summer- wait till winter to add mass thats what im doing-

    but eat at about 2700 cals or so maybe 2500 see- if u eat at 2500 and ur weight dosent increase after 2-3 weeks up it a bit

    BUt keep after it man its trial and error with this journey
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie


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