Diluting Your Protein/Carb Drinks

  1. Diluting Your Protein/Carb Drinks

    I was reading something the other day about the need to dilute whatever you take in during/post-WO (something like <10% concentration or 1-2 liters of water depending on how much protein/carbs you take in) ; anyone do this or know why it's important? I can't find whatever it was I was reading and I don't remember the reason the author said it's important to do this. I'm just wondering if it's also necessary to dilute the protein drinks you take in at other times of the day or if it's okay to make them relatively thick and just chug them down.


  2. The most efficient concentration of carbo's in water is actually around 7%. At this concentration the body can absorb the most carbo's. ie. Any less carbo's in the water and you will not get enough, and any more and you compromise your ability to absorb carbohydrates. This is only really important pre-workout/during workout and immediatly after as this is when you want to get those carbo's in a hurry.

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