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    HeY just curious to see everyone elses opinions on this is they have used it.. ive been using it about 2 or 3 months now and lke it... i take 2 pills 30 min b4 lifting and 1 after along with a few other things.. but i stopped taking the kre alkalyn for about 2 weeks and definitley noticed a difference in that "swoll" feeling. thanks

  2. I have used several bottles of KreAlklyn. As far as I'm concerned it's just another form of Creatine. You have to take at least twice the dosage recommended to see any results. I actually used it at three times the reocmmended dosage with very limited results. You will find many posts saying it's great but I personally know several other people who have used KreAlklyn and had better results with pure Creatine.

  3. arent u supose to hold less water weight tho with the kre alkalyn?.. i kno i have barely held any water weight from it as i usualy get tons of it with creatine..any regular creatine sup ive used i get all big and swoll looking but as soon as i come off if it i lose that look which is why ive stayed away from it

  4. I've been using it for around 6weeks now and the results have been better for ne than the creatine prodcts I have used in the past. No bloating, strength is up, more vascularity as well as a 'harder' feel to the muscles, looking forward to finally being able to afford more food to bulk with to see th results now!

  5. yeap i used kre alkalyn as well with great results,2 before and 2 after simply the best creatine i ever used...



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