ALCAR and antioxidants

  1. ALCAR and antioxidants

    Does your antiox dose and the ALCAR dose have to be at the same time of day? Or is it fine to take them apart? Right now I am using No-xidant as my antiox support and it says for example on training days use after my workout. Well obviously the ALCAR would be taken pre-workout. Also, ALCAR should be taken on an empty stomach, about 15-20 min before a meal., should the antioxidants be taken on an empty stomach as well, or are they better absorbed w/ food?

    Just trying to figure this all out to counteract the increased free radicals from the ALCAR.


  2. I would take them apart. ALCAR part of a pre-workout supplementation. As for Antioxidant it is a good idea to split the dosage into two serving. One during the day, and one later in the evening or after your workout.
    Now, depending on the formula/ingredients you take for your antioxidant you could either take with food or on an empty stomach. The antioxidant that I take for example called Defense Armour 24, which has certain ingredients better absorbed in an empty stomach such as Beta 1,3Glucan. What I do, I take one serving after a meal during the day because of the large B-complex serving providing me with all day energy, and another serving after my workout with my post workout mix semi-empty stomach. Helps me recover quicker.
    So, again depending on the product, make sure you follow the instructions since they are given based on the formula/ingredients used.
    Good Luck

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