anabolic pump

  1. anabolic pump

    What's your guys experiences with anabolic pump?

  2. Great pre, especially good if your a night time lifter. Amazing when stacked with anadraulic state GT

  3. Quote Originally Posted by gamer2be08 View Post
    Great pre, especially good if your a night time lifter. Amazing when stacked with anadraulic state GT
    Aren't you supposed to take it before your carbohydrate containg meals, not with your prework?

  4. Oh snap, im thinkin about the wrong product. Yes take it before carb meals. Read the directions.

  5. Sucked. Slin-sane works wonders though. Go figure.

    EDIT - I did like P-slin though. Especially preworkout with waxy maize. Good stuff.

  6. I've been through tons of bottles; it has worked great for me in terms of bodybuilding and health wise; significantly reduced my hemaglobin A1C levels which is a predictor for diabetes after staying on it for almost a year. Really made my building season much more enjoyable. Pslin is damn good to, it really depends on how many grams of carbs you plan on eating per meal.

    One of the best supplements IMO hands down.

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  7. Anabolic Pump has become a staple for me, and I have used all of the popular glucose disposal/managing supplements including PSlin and Slin Sane listed above.

    I use this year round using it with moderate/higher carb meals, peri workout and a must during refeeds along with Pslin. I highly recomend this product to anyone who has issues with carbs regarding sensitivity, fat gain from carbs or both. Also, AP allows you to consume healthy carbs in moderate amounts while still loosing fat!

    I will say Anabolic Pumps potential is only as good as the knowledge of the user in respects to supplement timing, diet, their particular exercise regime and how they work in relation to each other.



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