The time has come to buy an insulin mimicker Suggestions?

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  1. recompadrol is the best not only speaking of efficacy but also price and the amount of servings when one cap is sufficient for 100 carbs 180 caps will go a long way

  2. Quote Originally Posted by John Smeton View Post
    yes and yes. some fats are fine as long as they are not high. I usually do not go over 10 -15 grams with Glycobol. Again post workout is always a good time. I like pre workout as well.
    This is an interesting post, because of the very diverse schools of thought that exist on both sides of the theoretical equation: Some believe insulin and nutrient uptake is optimized to near maximum physiologic levels in direct response to resistance training (rendering GDAs moot directly post workout, and opting in stead to use these types of supplements in conjunction with their post-post workout meal in order to prolong the descending favorable metabolic environment) - while some believe GDAs and various iterations of insulin mimetic compounds can augment the body's ability to absorb and force-feed muscle creatine and glucose into muscle fibers, creating a super-saturated condition equating to enhanced amino acid uptake and protein synthesis (increased rapidity of recovery).

    I am interested in discussing this more, and hearing arguments from both sides of the aisle. Can the threshold for maximal glucose disposal or absorption be amplified over-and-above the usually encountered resistance stimulated onset of insulin secretion when paired with high-GI foods post workout?

  3. i've been using recomapdrol and playing with glucose readings and this product is fantastic

    and is a great formula

    pslin didnt do jack for me

    Glycobol was another solid product

    AP gave me crazy ****s Deployed blogging

  4. Theres not a more complete and better product IMO then Recompadrol. Stuff is serious. Im actualy running a tadddd low so ill be buying more here shortly.
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  5. I agree, one of my glucose readings at 2 caps

    Today i went the 2 cap route, much better results. I took 2 caps and started making breakfast

    today I made 3 Pancakes out of batter and XF Cinnamon Roll protein ( awesome pancakes to make) I had 2 handfuls of blueberries a glass of OJ and an espresso

    The initial reading before dosage breakfast and a 10 hr fast ( yes family is gone so I actually got some sleep) was 90 I think the 2 am glass of OJ was still around.

    9 am I ate, cleaned house, did my homework. at 10:45 I took my reading about an hour and a half after eating and My reading was 78! Deployed blogging

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Outside Backer View Post
    I agree, one of my glucose readings at 2 caps
    I definately believe that!!! I love this stuff and it seems to keep me so full on a cut.
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns


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