Finaly getting back to lifting need some help with creatine and protein

  1. Finaly getting back to lifting need some help with creatine and protein

    Finaly getting back into lifting after a month off just picked up 2 tubs of gold standard whey and got some creatine monohydrate. I need some advice on how to run the protein and creatine. Should i take 1 scoop of protein in the morning then 2 as a post workout. How should i run the protein. Also how should i load the mono creatine and for how long and how should i run it after. Just need some ideas of how to run it.

  2. any advice

  3. the way you are using the protein seems alright, just make sure you are getting 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per lb of body mass. taking it post workout is a must pretty much.
    As for the creatine usually people will load it at about 20grams/day for a week and then back it off to 5grams/day. I just throw my creatine in with my pwo drink.

  4. ok thanks alot

  5. You need about 1g/lb/day of protein from all sources. Eggs, meat, chicken, milk, supplements. So at 203, you need around 200g of protein a day.

    Make sure to take your protein PRE and POST workout not just post workout. The pre workout can come from food, if from food make sure you give it couple of hours to digest.

  6. Im a big fan of Universal's Storm creatine-laced Pre/Post workout supplement. Tastes good, mixes awesome. The best PWO I've tried.


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